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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Reach For

I reach for words
Delicately floating in the air
Like dandelion wishes

I reach for you
So above me
Your lips could whisper to the stars

I reach for your heart
Intangible, like a foggy dream
Lingering vaguely through a midday nap

For one gentle instant
I close my eyes
I grasp the language and I feel you

I treasure that moment
Only briefly true
it lives during sleep


  1. Beautiful! I love "Intangible" and I love Trish!!

  2. You had me at dandelion wishes. Loved this!

  3. You caught me with the stars, excellent write Trish :)

  4. I loved this. Almost as much as I love you. I still have the one you wrote for me. I'll treasure it forever and a day. You've got such a beautiful soul my friend.

  5. Very nice poem! I'm always very impressed by poets because A. I think my poems sound so 'Dick and Jane' and B. somehow, some way, the word 'peen' or 'vaj' always makes it into the poem. I think its a sickness. ;p

  6. Thank you, LadyHAHA! I appreciate your visit and your comment!

  7. Beautifully written.



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