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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Traveling Through Adversity In Search of Clear Skies

I have walked for months
That turned to years
Upon these neglected streets
And left trails of salty tears
That somehow leaked
Through my closed eyes
Waiting/ wanting
For a bracing surprise

Still I
 wait as I move
Without much
I cannot prove
To be worthy
of this air
blinded by the sun's
angry glare


With steady steps
On a crooked path
Often receiving the
Fierce wind's wrath
Where I'm headed
I do not know
Just figuring it all out
As I go

I've come
Such a long way
I have seen blue skies
Transform to gray
Then back to blue
Yet I am no where near
Where I want to be
And this fills me with fear

I have walked without stopping
 for a seat
I have traveled with
tired feet
in wanting shoes
Full of holes
worn out soles

This journey has been long
Still I persist
Sometimes crawling
on knees and wrists
No, I do not dare
Because I know in time
I will make it there


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  1. This one, too. Amazing. Your words talk right to my soul.


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