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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Moving Day

When my soul is hushed
When my heart is still
When my eyes are closed
I can bring back
all things that go
  And they’re mine again
And they’re here again
But a glimpse is just a glimpse
And time is never a friend
Soon enough the windows fog
And then the past gets wiped away

Sometimes all I see
Are memories waving back at me
So I spend time spending time
and nothing gets saved
It's all burnt holes in an empty pocket

No point in holding on
No point in holding anything
The days blink to nights
 life becomes desert sand
and the clock ticks off the wind
It’s all too fast
 for my tired feet
My heart can’t ever keep up
 with its own beat

I have nowhere to rest,
 no place to stay
It’s always moving day