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Sunday, January 22, 2012

In That Empty Space

I listened as your footsteps left my life
Their faraway sound could be the
Beat to my ballad
I still hear it sometimes
With a pace as slow as my heart
If it were years ago
It would probably race
To chase you
But now is where I am
And you’re not here now

The stars too distant to read
But I swear they spelled good-bye
Now here I am
Fallen from love
To a world that never felt me coming
And I’m learning as I hear and see
I am discovering who I am
Each highway a possibility
Everyday is a beginning
With less and less familiarity

Sometimes those footsteps come back
Just to leave again
I hope one day they stay away
But for now, the echoes
Reside in that empty space.
I live when they leave
Sometimes for two nights or more
To get wasted
Until sobriety carries them
 back on its wagon

Time to fill up on all things not you
And leave a “no vacancy”


  1. "Time to fill up on all things not you
    And leave a “no vacancy”"

    That is the best advice ever! This is amazing. You make me feel the loss, the longing and the release. The difficult long coming release.

    ♥ u so much

  2. Jo, your comments are one of my favorites to read! You always get it and you always make me smile!

  3. Haunting can take so long to be completely done. Just when you think it is, we realize we were wrong. Filling up is the answer, though. You are brilliant.

    1. Oh, I'm done alright. It just makes for decent poems. So I get to channel it, scribble it and drop it. Lol

  4. Well, look at that. I finally learned how to post as a reply instead of a regular comment. Was that always there?

  5. Channel, scribble, drop it like it's hot, huh? :-) This is universal. Haunting, love, loss.

  6. I really understood this poem. It was very cool! I love the idea of rediscovering your self.

    1. It's a process but it can be an adventure too.


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