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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Way She Came

Some may think she forgot the way she came
If she lifts her sleeves they’d see
Names of streets that stained her feet
She could recite them backwards
Picking up the rocks that trail
Back to before they became demolished dreams
A foundation settling on possibility
Nobody lives there now
So much has passed away
And yet
Still so much remains unvisited
Her thoughts the only train
That ride on the track
To the way back

Left turn at should
Right at should not
And suddenly you are
Where you were
Funny how easy it is
And how difficult it becomes

There are things that she doesn’t know
 some things she’ll never learn
And minds that can’t be untaught
she tries not to expose her wounds
and if they somehow become unveiled
she’ll hope you look away
not in dismay
but towards the reflections of denial
that she has poured
 along the way

If only there were such things as forgetting.
Jaded souls
can’t be traded
For new 
She couldn’t be someone else
Though there were times she tried to
Until the make-up smeared
And there she was again
Left to face her face
Some may think she has forgotten
But she knows the way and she’ll never show you
She goes the same way she came


  1. You are on a roll, and a terrific one at that! Bravo!


  2. Thank you! More to come too. My brain won't stop. lol

  3. Holy cow! Don't stop!!!

    I have no such road. *powdering my nose*

    1. I know! Me neither. This isn't about me. Nope.

  4. I love when your brain is rolling! More, please. Make-up? To cover the road map that has become my face? Interesting thought. But, no, no thank you. I'll just wear it.

    ♥ u

    1. Your face is anything but a road map! It's naturally beautiful and wise and only well traveled in that many eyes have felt lucky enough to witness such grace.

      In this case make-up=masking pain, mistakes, so nobody can see...including the person wearing the mask.


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