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Friday, May 18, 2012

Final Storm

You left your footprints
I found them there after yesterday’s rain
 in the mud
I was happy to see them
Even though it meant
I’d never again
 get to struggle with the blinding sun
To see the hope in your eyes
As your lashes flutter
Unaware of the envy
In the bird's chirp and morning's mutter

The footprints stay
Long after your final storm
Beside them, I stand long in thought
Close to where you once briefly stood
Perhaps taken by the same current
Of confusion
Struck by the same jolt
Of anger
submerged in a river
polluted with our own qualms
so much that
an invisible today
and the urgency
of every imagined tomorrow
formed a bleak yesterday
that I could not find the strength
to wipe away

I imagined a world
That understood the breadth of you
a Brilliance
stretching the visions
Of those who gazed upon it
With elated eyes
My mind drifted to all the moments
You could have made true
In the places that could have been
If the future safely held you

The sidewalks with your scribbled name
I will walk up to,
stop and smile
because it’s a name I knew
and I’ll wish those that walk by it
would have known it too

You left your footprints
and even though it was too late
I left mine beside yours


  1. Brilliant. Lovely. Touching. Lonely. ♥

  2. Beautiful Trish. Entire poem is great, but the last verse hit hard. xx

  3. You have a way of making the general feel specific and giving specific a general appeal. That's a wonderful gift and it's evident again here. Excellent!


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