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Thursday, November 29, 2012

My Heaven

There is a place nearby
Where the longing
For the some things
And some ones are kept
For all that I can feel
 but no longer touch
It has no streams
It has no trees
dressed in green, gold or red
it has no cliffs
to sit on the edge
 and contemplate what ifs
It carries no clouds,
and no planes or birds
freely fly through
it holds no life,
just a memory of life that once was

It’s not the same as what I want
It’s what I presently have

There is a faraway place existing
Where I don’t yet exist
Where those some things
And some ones now live
Where butterflies
 frequently flutter
 as indigo happily swirls itself
 across a summer sky
It is swarming with eager smiles
Familiar, kind eyes
and open, fervent arms
It’s nourished through creation
Always bursting with fresh art
It holds life
A life that is now

It’s the same as what I want
And all I am yet to have again

My Heaven is when and where
these two places collide
Where the empty is filled
And when the lost is found

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Stole the blue
 from the morning sky
And used it to ink sorrow
Across my heart
Now newly tattooed
The only permanence that exists
In my autumn world
Of dead brown
And teasing gold
Where everything falls
After it finally changes
And nothing grows old
Just bare and cold

Now winter captures 
and consumes
These unfinished chapters
Though I’m too weary to rage
And tear off each white,
 wordless page

Just monotony and I
Snoozing through tomorrow’s alarm
And waking winded
 in a panic of forgotten tasks
a pond of wasted years
cupped in my palms
Splashing a face of unfaceable fears
Can’t revive the past
It’s all down the drain
Clogged with pain.