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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just A Thought

you are just a thought
a glimpse of a bending road
where tentative steps meet the beginning
like a pool's temperature
tiptoes consider
before diving in

A hint of your life's fragrance
like spring's sweet pea
breezing over the thankful grass
and following the motion of a wavy dream
all the way to a lonely December night
waking sensitivity's hibernation
hoping to discover and somehow
 rouse a sleeping smile
with a gentle kiss
 for the shyest part of the face
where tender skin
hides behind a pouted lip

I've given you a name
just to bring you a little
 closer than a hope
a little nearer than a whisper

Perhaps together we could
play this life's triumphs and tragedies
with lively fingers
 gliding over a piano's keys
from eager beginning
to clinging end
only pausing to take note
of a song carried
 on a bird's early flight

For now,
you are still just a thought
a most important one


  1. "closer than a hope"

    "nearer than a whisper"

    How beautiful, the softness of your expression. I do love your words.

  2. Some of the very best loves begin as a thought....lovely thoughts, your lovely thoughts.


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