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Friday, March 1, 2013

Shallow Lips

I hear the word
Forced like December’s wind
Through shallow lips
And then I watch it bounce
Like a sport
off of the one being played

some could go on and on forever
with this charade

always pouring into their lives
without ever taking a sip
sitting on the corner
of an empty smile

and they’ll go on and on,
forever homeless
forever unknowing
 the pleasure of offering shelter.

They think it could be.
They think perhaps not.
The uncertainty
 will blind the rest of their days
Like a branchless late morning path
While they avoid truth’s eyes

And they’ll go on and on
Forever sightless
Forever unseen

They will never hear the sound
Of applauding rain
Cheering proudly on midnight’s roof
While shadows quietly rhyme
Against seclusion’s walls
They will never feel thunder
Try to mimic their hearts

And they’ll go on and on
Forever deaf
Forever unheard

They will never find
Time’s forgotten tokens
because they won't be searching.
They all fell asleep
beneath a half moon.

And they’ll go on and on,
Forever unfeeling,
Forever untouched.

No truth.
No love.
Just shallow lips
forever unkissed.


  1. Dancing With Vodka! I've been out of touch as far as blogging, cuz' I'm back in school, but ran across this post on FB. Love the poem! To me, it was about taking risks, taking that leap...courage.

    Nice! :)

    1. I know how busy you've been and I really appreciate that you took the time to stop by! Taking risks and not settling! Exactly! :-)

  2. A life not lived. Sadly happening all around us. Not me and most definitely not you. <3


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