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Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Stars Have Your Eyes

The stars have your eyes
I don't know if they were shoplifted
or gifted
but regardless of who has them now
or how that possession came to be
they'll always be yours
and they'll always be
my favorite thing to see

The Stars have your eyes
they know me best
in the latest hour
when wishes come free
and time
is a crawling baby

the day is mostly
just a necessary routine
of earning to survive
but through the darkness
I see your eyes
and I feel alive

In the morning
 I'll turn blue and miss you
as I prepare
to hustle the clock
from 9 to 5

But while night
is fighting shadows
for wearing the same dress
I'll search for your eyes
high above the rush hour stress
and know
without a doubt
I was born
because they were meant to be seen


  1. Good stuff. I'm subscribing now. Keep it up!

    1. Hi Jon! Thank you for stopping by and for the link to your site. I'll be catching up and reading yours shortly.


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