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Friday, May 31, 2013


The numbers stand in front of me
more steady
more confident than I
They stare me down.

7 days in a week
and 1 took you away
sum that up to fate
I never found the answer
and now it's too late

1 + 7=8

The numbers stare
and I look away
knowing they have a quicker draw
they could shoot me to death
before I could even hold my breath

summer warm and strong
 held your hand
and together
you strolled far too long
your heart reached the place
 where the mind goes to pray
close to where the sun meets the fall
and you found the secret
you realized you could fly above it all

Please come and visit me sometime
I've kept the runway clear
in case you ever miss the land.
it would make my life
just to see you here.
Time without your smile
has been so damn hard to stand.

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