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Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Fall beside me
from the clouds to the earth
and back again.
Like rain
that my hands
want to offer a home to.

Fall on to me
and become
a part of my lashes
my lips, my hair.
Like rain
that my eyes
want to close to.

Fall through me
and leave a dash of your soul
just a pinch of all that you know
leave something within me.
Like rain
that petals reach for.

Fall beneath me
and be the place
I'll come to rest.
Like rain
dry roots have craved.

Just fall
and I'll be still and waiting
until it's time to move with you.
Like rain
the wind rushes after
to twirl and dip in a stormy dance.

while I rise
so we could meet
somewhere near
gravity's kiss.

and be the rain
the kneeling earth
has prayed for.

and drop an answer
and be the cause of the pond's ripple
that turned a frown's reflection
into a smile.

Fall over my heart's concern
and wash away
all the sprouting weeds of worry

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