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Monday, June 24, 2013

A Message For November

I wrote my poems on late summer leaves
With white crayon,
And through tall, wild grass,
I walked away
So careful not to step on wishes;
There seemed to be a lot of them
 Surrounding my bare feet that day

A message for November;
We would have waited for one another
If either of us could stay
But there is so much living
And changing to do,
And only the trees have time
To stand around and sway

Any lover of life and nature
Would know what I wrote
And why I left my words
so clustered there

When it’s time for those words
 to be read
They’ll have one last dance
With the breezy air

But I know,
when the wind freezes,
You, who never
Exits a party too soon,
 will hold out
Two open hands
To catch their mortal fall
And spin them around some more,
Like youth in golden dreams
Beneath a winter moon

When the dizziness subsides
those words will spread out
inside a heart shaped wish
and life will make more sense
as it ends
just as it begins

Love Always


  1. I forget how lovely your work is--and I have been busy with other things for a wile--but I need to come back here--really gorgeous writing!

    1. It is always an incredible compliment when a favorite online poet of mine stops by and leaves such a sweet comment!
      Thank you, Audrey!


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