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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Last Swim of Summer

Be with me a while;
Dip your evening shoes
In a pond of floating Forget-me-nots.

Meet me at the edge
of the very same place
Where once I met a smile
That resembled a youthful you…

Cleanse the doubt from your eyes,
but leave the beautiful blue,
round, wet surface where I go to swim--
delicately diving into the soul of you:

For truer air.
For deeper breath.

Smother this fire
Screaming from my lungs,
Until soft, calm clouds
Are all that’s left.


  1. Enjoyed the language and the yearning expressed in this poem. Especially liked the language in the THIRD stanza - "diving into the soul of you.'

  2. Really like the sensuality in this. Your words are so well chosen. Great poem.

  3. Love it! So delicately sensual. Elegant :)

  4. Think Mary found the best word: yearning...soft and sensuous, quietly romantic. Lovely piece of writing. Thanks for your comments at Poets United, they were appreciated.



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