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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Day Full of Sand

I wonder if the earth
Feels my determination
When I etch your name in sand

I write to you there
Because time is an ocean
That sneaks toward the land
To reclaim its shells

I trace your name
Just beyond the salty reach
To keep you on the map
While my grief swells

I bury my compass
In a trampled castle
Beside an abandoned pail
And a plastic shovel

Feeling the burning circle's reflection.
Life now faces
 this grave direction.

I would rather see where you went
than know where I'm going.

I just want a glimpse
of you soaring through.

Instead, I wander
 with a day full of sand
And a mind full of you.


  1. Just beautiful! Are you writing somewhere else these days?

    1. Thank you! Just in my notebook, lately! I'm going to try to post something new here soon.

  2. I missed this lovely and loving. ❤️


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