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Sunday, June 22, 2014

To Balance The Light and Heavy

I still remember when love and loss first ran away from a country music song to come and sit with me in silence. I've attended funerals, but never buried love. Friendship wears a super hero's cape--when it's not soaring, it still holds the scent of a freshly painted sky... and I wake up on a familiar couch wrapped up like Christmas in a familiar blanket, with clouds imprinted on my cheek and the color of heaven faded on my fingertips. I kiss goodbye on the lips everyday and let it leave without me. Hello is a better kisser, but goodbye can still tempt me. Morning whispers one secret to me each visit-- I'm collecting them; Their value increases each day. I cut off the bread and eat the crusts. Not everything is a metaphor. Last night I saved a drowning victim in the bottom of a pool in my dream. I have a fear of swimming under water. I love flying. I wonder if a hot air balloon could stay up in the air holding the weight of what I feel. I hope emotions won't turn into kryptonite. I hope much more than I feel-- mostly to balance the light and heavy. I'm grateful for everything--even the pain, though it's not my favorite four letter word.

Just Say When

I could follow you
all the way
to the shadows of your fears

Spoil your heart with yes
When the stars tell you no

I'll stay with you--
Plant our feet
Just above the root of sorrow
And grow our wishes

I know where the breeze
Loves to sail

I know where the moonbeams
Sneak off to kiss

I'll hold you

until life returns
To shake off the past

However long it takes

If you wake
 in the middle of the night

I could fill your glass

Just say when

I'll pour like April
Until you shine like May