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Sunday, November 2, 2014


Please forget the things that I've done, both good and bad.

Forget the kind gestures --all the little things like
offering my small coins at the register
So the cashier gives you green paper that will rest in your wallet like a dream you're going to someday spend,
 instead of a pocket-full of well wishes to be sunk.

Forget the compliments I freely floated towards you like frisbies...they were all just truths that had nothing to do with me, anyway. There were moments I'd stop being me just to be your are that beautiful even in reverse, at your very worst (always remember that)

Oh and please forget each verse...they only fell like short raindrops and I feel you've always been more like a strong wind that will come back again and again to knock me in the right direction during inclement seasons.

Forget my name and the reasons you learned both the first and last...Forget the first day you asked (or maybe I just told) and the last day you spoke it.

Definitely forget the broken record or two when you'd call out over and over for me and I wasn't there to respond to you... by the way, I kept the pieces and I plan to restore them into an album of indestructible, resounding second chances...

Forget that I sometimes hugged you,
And absolutely forget that I sometimes pushed you away.

Forget that I cheered for you loudly in the stands.
Forget that I've been clapping for you longer than time had hands.

The words, the actions, all the fractions of my life that I've offered, too.
Forget them. Accidentally or purposely leave them in dark, empty places

So in the hours you're lonely, or busy doing things you wish you never had to do
You can smile and remember that you forgot how I've always loved you.


  1. My goodness, the blows just keep coming here, in a seemingly never ending barrage... No one is meant to give up this much. It leaves me saddened.

    1. Definitely wasn't my intention. I'm basically saying forget the stuff that I said and did, but in the dark times when it's needed most, remember the feeling of love. It's not important how, in what ways, or who it came from -- just that they feel it. And you can't have the sudden rush of remembering without a little forgetting. I hope that made sense.

  2. The sadness builds up as one reads this poem, until the last sentence. Yes, in loneliness, we need to remember. Nice writing!

  3. Strangely powerful. All that matters is the love. Many of your words I cannot forget...darkness or light...they are mine now because you freely gave them. You know I love your work. Your heart. You.

    1. Thank you, Jo. That means a lotcto me.
      Sharing it all can be scary in the beginning, but it certainly helps lighten the heavy load. So it's worth it.


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