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Saturday, January 10, 2015

long Distance

Will this winter finally numb the pain?

I've drowned my secrets in summer's seashells again.

I miss blue so much
 I've become it.
It's taken over me
like a tornado's latest possession,
and left me pale,
in a place I don't recognize.

Am I the lost or the loser?

I wonder if I've written this before

I don't know anymore,
I just know there was a time
 I lived with a smile.

Lately I live alone.

And I'm reaching out
Calling long distance for laughter.

I love you is bouncing back and forth
From earth to space.
I'm telling the midnight sky
How much I miss your early morning face.

I hope those satellites aren't disturbing your peace.
But I want you to hear me now...

I don't believe you did before.
There's so much I don't believe anymore.

I want to believe again.

I'm tired of holding up boulders.
I prefer to carry youth on my shoulders,
So maybe it will see the world,
And tell me how to fix it.
Or perhaps it will laugh,
And say nothing is broken...

Just a fun mess.

I'll remember you young
And be troubled less.

I'll try.


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  2. There seems to be a mixture of sadness and hopefulness intertwined in your words as their often is in our lives. Nicely written.

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