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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Back to Life

The wind chimes

wave goodbye.

Someone is always leaving.

So I know you can't stay,
And neither can I.

While you're here, will you
Stroll with me awhile
beneath this burning sky?

Take me to the bridge
Where the wind
shook your verse.

strands of your song,
And my song
Stray toward the twilight...

 tossed and turned...

Tangled gold.

Repeating chorus
Over a restless night.

I have questions
I'd like to put to music...

I've never been good
at taking notes.

I have lists that never grew up
 to become poems...

Rhythm gone too soon.

Trying sounds something
like a heartbeat --

we all have it in us;

So let's try and bring it all back to life.


  1. It does not matter if you stagger to the finish line, just so long as you can look back and see the rest of the field when you cross. A win is a win.

  2. There is a nice movement in this poem

  3. Almost always, when I read you, I find myself taking a big, satisfying breath. I just did it again.

  4. Trying sounds something like a heartbeat...


    1. As long as we feel it, we have to try, right? That's what I keep telling myself.


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