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Thursday, July 7, 2011

One True Friend

She broke the glass
Before it reached half full
A squeamish stomach on a rollercoaster
Her life could use a little dull

Now she's good
But she's been better
The rain couldn't possibly
Make it any wetter

Her mind
Oh, it left in a hurry
Her heart
Well, that floated on a flurry
All long gone
But the daze
Never goes
Always stays
.. ..
Faded echoes
Of promises and I'll be true
Scars on her skin
Where fingertips
Once traced I love you
.. ..
Morning reminders
Of when she felt love bloom
Beneath a sunbeam
Shining through their room

Potential lovers pass like shooting stars
she leaves behind the
blurs of smiles they send
but not before she makes a wish
All she wants is one true friend

~Trish M

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