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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Though I Fall

Though I fall
And float,
Then fall again
Like a leaf in a storm
Lost, separated from its tree
Never forgetting where I come from
But where I am now
Is still above the past
And just beneath tomorrow
That’s where you’ll always find me

Though sometimes I fall
The present is my wind
I avoid the pavement at all costs
It remains a stranger…
One that I hope to never meet.
From time to time
My colors may change
Still, I’ll always be me
Sometimes drifting on a dizzy breeze
But eventually finding my way

At times I fall
Mostly, I rise.
And regardless of where
I’ll be
when the end
Meets me
I’m grateful for the ride
An amazing one it is
and I will gladly take
wherever and to whatever it takes me.

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