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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If I Were Blind

If I were blind
Would you write to me anyway?
Simply because there are words
The heart can’t speak
Would you take my hand in yours
 and together, guide them over the ink
And would I understand
Simply because there are things
The soul always knows

I’d like to hope so
And every time I hope
It leads to a road
 filled with thoughts of you
a road I have even travelled in my sleep
while bumping into new possibilities
along the way

If I were blind
Would you write to me anyway?
Maybe I was, and you did
And now my vision is clear
that would explain my ink stained hands


  1. Have I read this before? It feels so familiar. Maybe something with this same emotion, but it feels like it was this one.

    I love that when I read you, I always feel something and can see it, too, if that makes sense.

    1. I wrote it yesterday, but maybe I should go back and check my older stuff to make sure I haven't gone all boring and old and began repeating myself. lol


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