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Sunday, January 13, 2013

A Random Explanation

I connect letters
each with cases,
and various shapes
 Some straight, others curvy
 and play matchmaker
 with words and scenes.
I have no more
 than one or two pages worth of time
 to make it all work 
just enough to not appear tired.

I set the empty sky up on a date
 with a full harvest moon
I introduce the stars
 to a pessimist’s dusty dreams
And sometimes...
Not always.
But sometimes,
 it all works out
And I will sit back with a smile
as I watch them stroll
through some scenic place,
fresh with color,
 and background sound
sharing harmony at a perfect distance.

I take contradictions,
 balance them on each hand
And then join them together
Until they become
 one prayer of a promising friendship.

I touch emotions with warning labels
Too hot
Too cold
Things that spark and cause a shake
when thrown in a tub of sorrow.
I leave caution to fend for itself,
while I relentlessly dance with fear
until the jealous night concedes.

Some nights I trade
 lamps without lampshades
for lightly scented candles
 with trimmed wicks

Some days I choose a keyboard
So I can delete the thoughts
Of feeling like something
That is filled with crumbled paper

I've been called a poet
perhaps because I am really nothing
Without poetry.


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