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Thursday, January 17, 2013


Hope, for me,
has been more like a forgotten house key.
The mundane takes my mind hostage
and I lock myself out of my home;
the very one I began building as a child.
He-man and She-Ra stacking Legos
while the G.I. Joes bravely stand guard,
the Transformers in the driveway,
and Little Ponies prancing in the yard.
After superman put on the roof,
I stocked the bedroom closet with glass slippers,
and then followed 
the scent of celebration
to see Strawberry Shortcake baking in the kitchen.

Now I'm outside
like a stranger,
peering into the very same window
that I used to gaze out of...
The magic window
the only one where I could watch
Lady and The Tramp
 chasing after The Grinch.
The only window where I could go,
 to taste the cotton candy sky
When I pressed my face against it
and the sweetness left my heart all dizzy.
Though sadly, the magic doesn't work
from the side where I'm standing
 and the only key is locked inside. 
If I break-in, it won't ever be the same
 Now, I'm the only one to blame
 for forgetting to take it with me
 so I could come back home.

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  1. While I do love the symbolism here, really love it, I would prefer to hold the memories and never go back.

    Holding memories tightly and safely allows moving into the future with confidence; for what was tells us that what will be could be amazing.

    ♥ you.


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