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Thursday, January 24, 2013

I Wanted

When I was less than two
 I wanted to be changed, fed
And rocked until I slept
To be understood
For everyone reason I wept

When I was five
I wanted to play
Laugh and learn
To pick up something new
At every corner I’d turn

When I was a little more than ten
I wanted to sing and live.
I wanted to be
 more than something 
dreamed or imaginary.

When I was fifteen
I wanted friendship.
To live and dance.
To not fear fate
 Or avoid chance.

When I was twenty
I wanted success.
To carry what I’ve learned.
To touch the future
And not get burned.

When I was twenty five
I wanted love.
To hold hands with hope.
I wanted to survive
The occasional downward slope

Now I’m more than thirty
And I want to be better.
I want the days to be longer.
I want the world
To be kinder and stronger.

And whatever number of years
That may come after this,
I am quite sure
 My list of wants
 will be for more

more love
more hope
more success
more friendship
more life
more laughter
more of me
and more of you.


  1. Wonderful! I'm more than fifty and my list of wants has grown very short. The things on that list, though, I want in abundance.

  2. One of my favorites. Sixty years and more of living has taught me to always give more than I want. I must be doing well because I have all I've ever wanted in my own personal life. Now I want everyone I love ( that's a lot of people) to have all they want, as well.


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