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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I Got Lost While Standing Still

I got lost while standing still
on a random, weatherless afternoon.

No rain to run from;
No looking back to watch it fall.

No snow to measure
 the heavy depth in which my legs can stand

No mile long resume of muddy footprints.

No sun to serve as a golden compass
and lead me to familiar streams.

No wind to lift me back
to my subconscious.

I forgot who I was
while worrying about what you wanted me to be.
I paddled fast through your dreams
with no time to sleep and know my own.

Now my hope sleeps
where priceless treasures have deeply sunk;
Where only those who breathe no more can live.

So I sit  beneath a weeping tree
waiting for my first morning
 to dawn on me;
For a soft path beaming with opportunity
to spark my ambitions,
so I can wipe the long, dark midnight
off of these sleepy eyes,
and finally
move on
to discover me.


  1. Everyday we discover something new about ourselves, don't we? You make me happy

  2. This is an amazing piece. I imagine this to hang on refrigerators all over the country. I think this should be part of a campaign.


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