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Friday, February 15, 2013

The Greatness of Missing You

Click here to listen to an audio recording of me reading this

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me
 everywhere I go
sometimes it's heavier than others
and I can never put it down
I'm meant to always feel its weight
That's just the works of tragedy
shaking hands with fate

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me forever
It is as heavy as every second
that I live without you
Yet light enough for me
 to run fast to you
with open arms, in my dreams
light enough for me
to still be lifted by the occasional sunbeams

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me
every day and night that I drift without you
it's heavier than
all of life's blows that ever hit me
but still light enough
for me to travel
to the end of the time that I have left
light enough for me to not take a shortcut
or curse the stars for such an immense theft

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry with me
and I want you to know it's always okay
because  love helps me carry it
Your love and mine
and so I'll walk with it
as long as I have to,
just fine

There's a piece of sadness
that I carry
though I will never complain
because any ounce of sadness
is far easier to carry
 than eternal emptiness

So I want to always feel
the greatness of missing you.


  1. I know I keep saying the say thing over and over, but I truly do love this one as well. Great job Trish.

  2. It will remain with you forever, but in time, it will morph into something that is no longer really sadness. Instead, it will become a simple gratefulness for having been blessed with the forever connection, and that part--the beautiful part--will be forever yours. I promise.

  3. As so often is the case, Beth said beautifully what my heart was saying as I read this.

    So...see above^^^^^^^what Beth said. <3

  4. Like the refraining lines and emotional close ~ Lovely share, full of sadness and longing ~


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