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Sunday, April 7, 2013

I Worry For You

I worry for you
with the part of me that
 though may not share
the DNA of your pain
still resembles the sting
like a distant cousin
who lives next door

I know enough of the night's demons
to know not to rest
when it's my turn to keep watch
and I've learned enough
of eternity's tales
to pray that this heart
does not guard in vain

I fear the prophecy's truth
of the inevitable moment
when you're too ghostly
 for my human arms
when it's out of my hands
and up to God.

So I do the best thing I can do
and look at you and smile
and hope you find
the part of yourself
 that you think you've lost

I've kept pictures
to revive your memory
of all the places
where you've planted beauty
and all the faces
you've warmly touched

Just see yourself
when you look into my eyes
see the soul that brightened them.


  1. Sometimes, all we want for our loved one to know is that we care for them and are with them in spirit. Glad to know another poet!!

    1. Thank you, Michelle! Same here - It's always a pleasure to meet a fellow poet!

  2. I love the last verse - just summed up true love beautifully. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  3. Having your soul brightened by someone else...I love that idea. <3


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