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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Why would Heaven ever look down?
(We ask the sky
through an open window.)
Why? When its breeze glides
 its soft feet on a dance
to a magician's song

Why would Heaven look up?
(God asks, silently to himself)
Why? When I splashed its life
with a little bit of each color
a little bit spread out everywhere
to make a whole lot of everything

Why would Heaven ever look down?
(We ask the sky)
Why? When it can catch
an unwanted, ugly nightmare
embrace it tightly
and kiss it sweetly
 into a beautiful butterfly

Why would Heaven look up?
(God asks with a shaking head)
When I brushed its hair softly
away from its ears
and whispered it awake
to rise and live its dreams

Why would Heaven ever look down?
 (We ask the sky)
Why? With all the magnificent it is,
why would it care to see
these overused brooms,
 and floors that only meet the broken

Why is Heaven playing catch? (God asks)
Tossing its tears up to the clouds
and catching them
again and again
with its glove
each time they fall back down.
Why? When friendship
 is offering a tissue and a smile

Why would Heaven
ever want to look down?
(again, we ask the sky.)
There is no chance
it will ever look down
to see and answer me.

Why won't Heaven look around??
(God asks, confusedly to his thoughts)
Why doesn't it know who it is?

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