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Sunday, April 21, 2013

You're Gone Again

The early sun finds me forgetful
of yesterday's sad song
but it won't be long
before a cloud rolls through
with an image
of us without you
and the hard fall begins

You're gone again
you only left once
but you're gone again
how can that be?

the only answer
is the memory
seizing my breath
and stabbing my chest
while you are at rest

Your infectious laughter
it's gone again
your winning ball game smile
gone again
I rise for the times
it will come back around
like a stadium's wave
but when I visit your grave
You're gone again

You're flying somewhere
only a dream can find
So I sleep each night
 to ask you back
but when the dream awakes
you're gone again

So hard
that fierce sun strikes me


  1. That gone again feeling is such a kick in the gut. I wish you never, ever had to ache. ♥

  2. So hard to accept. The memories are so "alive".

  3. "Gone again" perfect description. A moment or a day when it's too real and too painful.
    I'm always trying to hug you through those. Please know that.



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