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Saturday, June 8, 2013

Half My Life Ago

Half my life ago
I wanted that
 to be my whole life
I wanted to be finished
without being complete

Half my life ago
was where the journey
I hoped for from the beginning
of my life
 was close to a start

Half my life ago
I had a moment of weakness
and looked away
instead of ahead

Half  my life ago
I was in desperate need
 of a glimpse
of what I should be
and all I could do
but I was tired
and didn't have the strength to

Half my life ago
I couldn't see
all of the hearts
and souls running toward me
Some of them old
some of them new
But I held on, anyway
and I see them now
even though the pain
sometimes still punches through

The next half
it gets better
and so far that's been true
I'm here now,
and no matter how difficult it gets
 I plan to be here tomorrow, too.


  1. I sure do adore you. You know this and you know most of the reasons why, but it bears repeating. You are one very special woman.

    1. You know the feeling is mutual! Thank you for everything and for always!

  2. I'm so very glad you are here and plan to hang around a while. Half your life ago you were just beginning to live this half and just learning about all the love, affection and respect waiting to meet me.

    I'm so glad I had that chance.


    1. You are one of many beautiful people that I admire and I'm definitely blessed to have met you. Thank you, Jo! I didn't know you then, and wouldn't have known how much of a tragedy it would have been to have never known you and so many others that came into my life later on. There would have been important people I would have missed then, but the number is much greater now, and the kindness tips the scale. I am very lucky!

  3. AMEN!!!!!! incredibly sensitive, poignant reflections of a soul which reverberates HOPE and vibrant living

    1. The hope is one of the most beautiful things about it all. There is an abundance of it now, and like rain, there is always more to come pouring down on a day when I need it most.

  4. And still you're here and see what others have seen in you all along.

    1. I'll admit, sometimes I still think others are crazy for loving me so much. But I'll take the crazy and cherish it for as long as I can.


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