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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In The Shape of You

The sky cracked
When thunder raged.
Life screamed
Inside its cage,
And a thousand years
Then found my age
A diary of fire,
Each day’s page
Lit my mind.
The air possessed
by burning sage.

Wavy golden flames
Danced the length
around and down my head.
Felt like time yanked my dreams,
and left me on a sheetless bed.

Then I thought I heard a whisper
From a voice I'm sure I once knew
I turned to find a shadow
shaped much like
the core of you

What I heard exactly,
 I wish I could say.
Love spoke through me
In a wordless way.

Many have greeted me
With a strong hug and such;
though, until you
I never quite felt a touch.

No longer a hamster
 Trapped inside a spinning movie reel.
This heart found the strength to leap
and a warm, bright place to heal

And you know, my love,
If eternity was an ocean,
If Heaven's Gold were free,
I would ship you straight home
to live and rest with me.

If only all things were
what they cannot be


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