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Friday, October 11, 2013

Today is Okay

Today all is okay

Death stayed
deep in the black
Of the last funeral
And did not come forward
To make geese
push through the freckles
Of my smooth skin
With its cold breath

Today the sky
 is soft
And safe

All the souls
Have placed their blankets down for a picnic
None have booked a flight

And all I see
Is an angel
Peeking through
The opening of a cloud
To check on me
And she leaves
With her smile
Because I’ve got plenty

Because I am at rest
Because some days
Loyalty shines brighter
Than a cloudless sun
Stronger than the endurance
of a summer’s blazing day

And I can bask in it
With no burning risk

 And I can sing
all the things I love about it

And pluck every blooming chance
I once walked by
 with closed eyes
through a dreamy spring


  1. Such a peaceful post. I'm glad all is okay today.

  2. You made me leak from the eye, again. This time in a most warm and tender way. I positively love you and your heart and your words.
    In my next life, I want to be a gifted poet, just like you. ❤️


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