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Saturday, January 10, 2015


Sometimes just before I leave
the darkness for a dream,
I get that falling sensation,
Then jolt up,
I'm on a soft bed,
And not saying farewell
With anxious weekend toes
on a narrow ledge
With no room for dancing.

I spend a lot of hours alone,
 on the edge of a mountain,
Tossing what-ifs off a cliff --
Listening to their echoes as they hit rock bottom
Forgetting I'm above them all.

That kind of spending should probably have left me broke, broken,
 and dead by now;

I realize the reason it hasn't
Is because you've gifted me some of your time.

As you sit across from me today,
And I look away from "away"...
Away from the blizzard of questions
To reach the warm hope
Springing from your smiling eyes --
In that moment I feel like an answer...

Maybe not for one of mine, but maybe yours.
And maybe that's enough,
 because it feels like everything.
It feels like May's pink and white trees have showered petals over me.

It feels like beginning.
It feels like maybe...
And maybe is damn better
Than all the never I've always known.

It's possible we are all really answers
Just waiting to recognize our reflections
In the pools of questioning eyes.

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