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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Finding My Way Back

Finding My Way Back

In search of a thought
One that I may have had
At 3 months
When paradise kissed my dreams
And bestowed a smile so powerful
That it left an impression
that would remain
and often greet your sleepless morning eyes
Touched by images
That will dance
Far longer than a burning flame
And though I no longer
know why I smile,
 I smile still, for all the reasons that may be
All the reasons I once knew in a dream
Yet still they somehow comfort and carry me

With an intent to eventually aim
steadfast and strong
without a single fear in my soul
And when I do,
I will recall what I’m searching for
And when I do,
I will touch my heart and feel it there
And much like all things found
It will be under my nose
As it was all along.
Though for now, the fun is in the wandering

One day I'll know again
Until then I’m a simple drifter
Once rich in quiet knowledge
The kind we are born with
 and then taught to forget
The kind that has never been learned
But if we are lucky, we’ll have glimpses of snapshots
Between sunrises and sunsets
And we’ll fix our eyes on a distant mountain
As the clouds circle the afternoon sun
And we’ll be grateful that some mysteries can be seen



  1. That is one of the true wonders of life; "That some mysteries can be seen". Beautiful my friend. I truly love your smile for it makes you as beautiful as your work!

  2. wonderful...
    <3 Carla

  3. Wow! You know how much this one speaks to me.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Thank you, Gary, Carla, Beth and Romi!

  6. That was great! As always! <3


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