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Monday, July 4, 2011

I'll Write You A Poem

I’ll write you a poem
I’ll leak every beautiful scene
That my eyes have stolen and hid,
mixed with the ink of my pen
 stored like wine in the deepest part of my soul
And purposefully spill
What I see in you
Like you’ve stolen a piece of this soul

I’ll write each verse
Like it’s being sung
From a voice only heaven can hear
As your love
Leaves an opera tearing through my heart
A thousand swords of emotions
Fighting to breathe the outside air
And catch a glimpse of you.

I’ll write you a poem
And your modesty will
Refuse the metaphors
Then, with your face low
You’ll tell me the rhythm
Must be another’s pulse
 You’ll say your life is a murmur
Though you’ll never convince me of that untruth

You’ll return your poem
to my unsteady hands
still stained with spilled ink
Rendering them useless
And I’ll hold the paper
saturated with
the fountain of similes
and waves of images you offer my dreams

I’ll fold it up and leave it
In the bottom of a box
of all things unclaimed and left behind
Next to a stick of gum
And an empty book of matches
Because that is the saddest place it could go
Perhaps one day you’ll claim it
And carry it close to your heart.



  1. Wow. I know that I've said this before (again and again), but now I think that this one is my favorite. I read it twice, just to enjoy it again, more slowly.

  2. OK Trish. I claim it now but you are already close to my heart!!

  3. You are so talented and beautiful. I still need to open an account so you know it's me. I love you.kj

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments!


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