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Saturday, July 2, 2011

On Second Thought

Ever feel like
It’s all been done?
All your thoughts
Like the night sky
Reveal nothing new
Beauty, but the same beauty
All poets and painters have touched
For centuries and more
Nothing you write
From this point on
Will be worth half a damn
At a loss
Ready to toss
It all
To the river

Crumbled paper
Waste baskets
Piling high
Like a mountain
Impossible to scale
A trashcan of
Jumbled thoughts
They may as well
Be ambiguous clouds
Except they are uncomfortable
To sleep on
No, I do not recommend
Sleeping on a thought
nor with one
It will steal the covers
then leave at sunrise
never to come back again
Thoughts make excellent drifters
and terrible lovers

Where was I?
Where am I
And where did I leave my pen?

so I’ll
keep my fingers tapping
and hope to eventually make sense
of these ideas overlapping
No promises
And no bets
It will carry its own flow
And flow through its own course
Really, sleep is looking better
On second thought


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  1. Every artist of any variety will relate to this. Loved it!


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