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Thursday, July 7, 2011



Sometimes I feel like
A mere drop of the endless sea
That lays there stagnant
 in an abandoned shell
and I'll never get back the rest of me

a little spilled
 out on the sand
Covered beneath
 the bare foot
of a child, whose hands
will create what my salty eyes can no longer envision

Time has left me jaded
With dried up dreams
A few particles floating somewhere
These days there isn't much I can do
to silence these internal screams

So I drink a shot of something
To calm my nerves, rid regret
 a beer to chase my rapid thoughts
The little fire that remains
I use to light my cigarette

The night's sky
 has stolen the sparkles from my eyes
And I want them back
 Before they evaporate
I'll have to find a way before sunrise

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  1. I love the raw quality of this one. Open and bare. Great.


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