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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My Words...

Like a thirst
quenched by
a potion
intoxicating smiling eyes
that sometimes drop a tear

Do you really like them?
Do you really get them?
Or have you plucked out a few pretty words
Flowing syllables,
 like a sparkly dress on a rack
And said “I think this would look good on a Saturday night, with my hair down…”
Some would think…”well, hey, that’s kinda cool”
But no
It’s not
Look away
 that would be fine by me
Feel them like your heart is your only sense of touch
See them like your soul is your only sense of sight
And then carry it all with you
So it wakes you in the deepest part of night
Because what’s inside
What I’ve smeared on this screen
Is pretty
Is ugly
Is a hot fucking cold mess of everything I’ve known
With colors and shades
more permanent than markers could ever scar a page
It’s a recipe of a disastrous life
That I sometimes thank God for out loud
It’s the shadow of a nervous tree
That you can barely see
Because you were too busy
Staring at the streetlights
Creating diamonds out of rain
All across your window

This may not be the kind of rhythm
Heels could click to in a club
But if you listen
If you really listen…
Dance will have a whole new meaning
It will make you stop to chase that uncaught breath
It will knock the wind out of you
Make you fall for so long
That you’ll beg to hit the ground
Just to know and feel its end…
But you won’t really want to know.



  1. This one takes me all over the place. It feels like a look inside, lights thrown on suddenly with no chance to run for the shadows.

    I really have to stop reading something of yours and saying, "this one is my favorite now..." but honestly, after this one, I may not ever want to again.

    Save this one, Trish. I'm printing it.

  2. Wow! I have no words for this one except PRIDE! Which is one of the seven deadly sins, but I am not going to worry. I think it's worth the risk.

  3. "Feel them like your heart is your only sense of touch
    See them like your soul is your only sense of sight"

    Very Nice!


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