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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


This post is for this week's GBE2 topic: Clarity

A drop of love
And just like that
My heart has vision
Soul to soul contact
I accepted like charity
now the world is wide open
And I see it all with clarity
All these years I looked
But it wasn’t until my eyes closed tired
That seeing felt so new
And I was glad
 when they opened up to you

My rage
 has become distant
Since I’ve moved closer to love
Your hand scribbled poetry on my page
suddenly my heart no longer
 knows how to act its age
I’m looking at the sky
Like it has never been so blue
I’m seeing a cloud
Like a pillow that comforts two
I was searching for hope
when I tripped over you
and it has never
 felt so good to fall

When heaven doesn’t answer
I’ll sit quiet and wait for your call


Saturday, October 8, 2011

Stained Hands

I can not touch a poem
And not have it smeared on my heart
Like a leaky pen stains the hands
 embracing its power
And like the poor one, thin and
yearning for a cure to all he craves--
in the dark alleys, his ways lost,
paying each price
a temporary relief would cost.
relief from the cracks
 that left his life broken
and not just his back

 if nothing else
perhaps not a permanent cure
but a little glimmer of an
unknown distant star to lure…
night away from darkness.

There’s just something about
How it all comes together
That makes me hope
All lives would do the same
Replacing cocooned curses
With butterflied verses
Making sense to my senses
And lifting me alive
How a heart and a little ink
Can make a soul thrive
and become
 infinitely free
I can not touch a poem
Without it touching me.


Sunday, October 2, 2011

Distant Eyes

Deceived by what resembled love
As it snuck into your world
to steal an open kiss
And left as you crawled away
Silent and rhythmless
You called it
 a blessing in disguise
To hide the resentment
 in your distant eyes
and gave a far away smile
as you stood on
your deserted isle
and said it would be okay
as many times as it took
until you believed it
Though the repetition
couldn’t seem to make it true
your heart in search of a rainbow
but a gray world has no hue

As heaven cleansed the earth,
on a tree’s leafless, fallen limb
 you sat, contemplating your worth
beneath the open sky, exposed
 and hoped that it would cleanse you too
all the while wishing for the power
 to bring all the hopeful somedays back to you
Maybe they’re in the distant mountains
which hold the faint echoes of laughter
that once upon a time were so loud
Maybe they’re in the
guts of all of those so proud
and the teasing sunsets each night
The cliff would reach to kiss
Or are they in the lost loves
That I promise I don’t miss?