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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

One of Those Smiles

She has one of those smiles
That could bring mid January to life
And leave the sun so smitten
It would forget
 that it had some other place to be
suddenly finding itself
Shyly knocking on her door,
 hoping for a date
just to see that grin once more

She makes the wind wish it were
 funny instead of  a clumsy joke
her happiness
is nature’s main artery
vital to all things bouncing and blooming
and without her laughter
there would be no May
only lost purpose in a struggled swim
constant laps through April’s sorrow.
The moment life met her, it stopped being grim

The car radio singing your life to you
As you road trip it shot-gun
With no place to be
Other than far in front of what you’ve left behind
And right beside what you will always carry
The light…Resting on a thought
As the sun slowly hunkers down.
To be eye to eye, soul to soul
Your spirit once again a child
Just for a moment you were graced
With the presence of her smile
The blemishes in your sky erased.

Her glee could make the miles glide
Like broken-in tennis shoes on new pavement
Going places without a deliberate place to be
Just for the sake of free
And you’ll finally feel the essence of existence
When her smile leaves your name
wrapped in a golden hello
All that is not love, in that instant disappears
And with the warmest hug,
she lightens those heavy years

She taught you happiness.


  1. This may be my favorite so far. Do I always say that? Nevermind, this is it.

    Love your rhythm, love your emotion. Love your work.

  2. She's wonderful. So are you...and this.

  3. I really love this, very nice.



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