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Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Want

I want to be the poem
That no one has read aloud
 resting between lips that wait
behind a veil of fear
longing to be lifted for its first kiss with life

I want to be the poem
That finds new reasons to live
Buried within demolished sandcastles.
Surfing on forgotten summer dreams.
As bipolar as the ocean, with brief moments of calm

I don’t want to be the poet
tossing pebbles into ponds
while thinking of something else.
Although, I think it’d be sadder
 to be the unthought-of  pebble

I want to be
the poet unafraid
to dance to rhythms true
Salsa with the sun
And save a waltz for the moon

I want to have something to say
And then say something
And then read the words back
Through another’s eyes
And know that I am not lost...


  1. That last stanza? Mmm, mmm, mmm. Perfection.

    1. Thank you, Beth! I tend to have freak moments of perfection but they don't last long, lol.

  2. "As bipolar as the ocean, with brief moments of calm"

    I love that so much. It is how my life (and many other young mom's I know) used to be. It is so completely descriptive of a life in need of just a few more of those moments.

    Beautiful and I know parts of this were written just for me. (you don't have to know that you did that, I just KNOW it.)
    Don't tell me that isn't right, I can read! ♥ :)

    1. You want to know something? I always have various friends in mind while I'm writing. My poems contain verses that are little pieces of all of us, not just pieces of me. Sometimes they aren't even about me at all even if I use the "I"...
      So you're very right, Jo!

  3. Out of the blue....
    I really don't have mindset for grasping poetic verse too well- I will tell you this: it didn't keep me from relating to your writing here. +1 :)
    My friend Mys Angel pimped your stuff, and it was a righteous pimpin, IMHO. Nice to meet you.... be careful dancing with vodka, lol

    1. That is one of the greatest compliments that can be received. When someone isn't necessarily into poetry but still gets one of my poems. I really appreciate you stopping by to tell me so and for taking a moment to read this. Pleasure to meet you!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. You are an angel with words! Elizabeth is right - that last verse - just says it.

  5. Lately, I felt like the pebble.

    1. Don't be the pebble! Be the ocean and let everyone sit back and watch you be awesome.

  6. I know that you're all badass and all, but since you've been pulling back the curtain and revealing a bit of your softer side, I thought I'd drop off a little something for you.

    Just in time for Valentine’s Day, please clickety click for your award. :O)


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