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Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Curse

So I ask
Dear poet
What draws you to the sea?
When waves fervently kiss the wind
Do you hear colliding poetry?
All those words your fingers caressed
With hopes that your soul
Would reach out
And leak onto the world

You left in the night
To dive into
 the unknown light
How many before
And so many after
Have done the same?

So I ask
Though I think I know
It draws me too…
Perhaps in the same way
as it does you
why do I want to understand?
So that fate
doesn't grab and pull my hand?
When the dusk dips
And the night swirls
Into a sad melody
That stirs the syllables
Within my heart
And no metaphor can be
Rocked slow to sleep.
All stars start shooting
And the mad midnight
Begins brewing
There’s nothing still
To hold
No calm to float on

So I ask:
Did you feel the curses
Of crashing verses?
Did you sleepwalk in slippers
only to awaken, 
to your own cries,
so shaken
out of the depths of a nightmare
to a place
Where boldness meets fear?
Is there a map
That will take me far away from there?
To where I may overcome 
that overwhelming intensity?


  1. Very nice! Definitely a poem to read two or three times. Very thoughtful!

  2. That's a great opening line..."what draws you to the sea?"
    I am hooked at that point because I think a bazillion people would give similar, yet unique answers.
    You do have a knack or a knick or a talent for stringing out the thoughts in words to provide thoughtful consideration.

  3. Nope. No road map, no escape. The gift-curse is yours--and the delicious results are mine. Lucky me.

  4. It's a love, hate thing. Especially when it keeps me up ALL night.


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