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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What If


Too much time to think
And not enough time to be
So many hours wasted
Trying to run away from me
So how with all that moving
and with all that leaving
Am I left here standing
 In front of this mirror?
And which reflection is true?
Is it this?
 surrounded by many shades of blue?
or the one your eyes show
When the sparkles in them dance
and show me all that I could do?
What if it is neither
And I am not worthy to be in the midst of your view?

What if all this mind wandering
 and these floating thoughts
Will forever carry on,
 until the time I cease to exist
Preventing my footprints
 from ever showing on the sand
What if I can never open my heart
or unclench my fist
Or if my appearance is nothing more than
a Lipstick mark, wiped away
 from the many cheeks that I have kissed
Never to be seen or felt again…
when the world is still here and I am gone.
These are the thoughts
That seem to always linger on


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Let me try this again,
      Beautifully written thoughts I believe we all share.
      Your lipstick marks will remain for no other reason than that they belong to you. You imprint on the lives of those you allow in your world in such a way that the marks you leave are eternal. You change the life of people who love you. You are worthy of all things. You are an incredible gift of love, laughter and goodness; not to mention a poet extraordinaire. 💛

      I absolutely soak up each of your poems and feel something from each one. Thank you for always sharing such excellence.

    2. Thank you so much, Jo! Really, you have no idea how high your friendship, your thoughts and comments have lifted me!

  2. Not possible. We will all be a memory for someone, even if it's in the tiniest way. When people depart, a gaping hole is left.

    1. I agree that we will all be a part of at least one person's memory, unless we live a life of utter solitude...

      However, I don't think we are left with a gaping hole when someone leaves. I'm more inclined to believe that since their memory stays with us, we carry a piece of them always. We can't and shouldn't erase history; Instead, we walk forward with whatever positive it left behind.

      This poem represents a monster in the dark. It isn't real but the night makes it seem possible.


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