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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Maybe if my life crawled
Slow enough to trace the Earth
And come back to the beginning
Still beating, still burning
More than June’s screaming sun

Maybe if my heart was as proverbial
As one mentioned on many a beloved poet’s page
And attentive eyes studied its rhythm
Sometimes slow, sometimes none at all
Forever living far beyond its allotted time

Maybe if my hands
 touched the bark of the oldest tree,
that has offered more breath
than my lungs will ever struggle for
stronger than the storming centuries it stood up against

Maybe if my eyes came alive
Like a city weekend night
And I were somewhere breaking the speed limit
On the fastest way to not here
Enjoying every unfamiliar turn

Maybe if time would stop stealing
my side of the bed
And leave me with a little room and proper rest
If each hour were as soft and kind as my favorite pillow
I wouldn’t mind its company and I’d be better for it

If I were all these things
I wouldn’t be me.


  1. This is awesome lady, well done.

    Jul ♥

  2. Loved this, Miseffin. I'm way too fond of the word "maybe."


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