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Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Bucket of Coins

I wish a moment didn't stain
The page I still turn back to
I wish life
 would have filled you with breath instead of pain
I wish you could see the heart we felt
I wish you knew gold was beneath the gray
It shined for those you treasured…
It shined even in the heaviest rain

I wish midnight left a trail
So I could walk
 Towards a second that wasn’t too late
I wish you knew that impossible
 was a word never meant for someone
 as incredibly capable
and loved as you
I really wish you  knew…

I wish the morning sun found you awake
I wish the drifting clouds discovered your dreams
And left them by your pillow
 for your open eyes to claim
Still, I understand, the conflict within
Was too much to tame

 I can’t stop wishing…
With tears dropping
 like a bucket of coins in a well of wants
And I’d pay a thousand more
 if it made them come true
If only a penny could bring me your  thoughts
instead I'm only brought my own of you

I wish
because somewhere you’ll hear it and smile
 I wish you could stay
I wish you knew...

1 comment:

  1. This is so hauntingly and completely beautifully full of love and sorrow. It speaks directly to me. As though you wrote my thoughts. I guess you knew.

    "bucket of coins in a well of wants"



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