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Monday, August 13, 2012

Spreading Ashes

A neglected candle
fallen to the ground
flames reaching desperately
to be seen and found

Destroying all that
Breezes kiss
Annihilating darkness’s cloak
With a bitter hiss

All that once breathed the sky
Is choking on the smoking hate
 Alarming love
Though sadly, it is much too late

If only this candle knew it began
 as a spark ignited by life’s shining prayer
Perhaps then it would have danced with hope
Instead of spreading ashes of despair

We need an answer
And I believe it’s beating at each chest
Until we let love in
Hate will gain more power and never need to rest


  1. The first verse just grabbed could mean so very many things and be stating it perfectly.
    So nice...then, sad and uncertain. let love in would be a good thing. ♥

    1. It would be a wonderful thing, and it just may be possible.


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