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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Where Sorrow Goes

Shaking in the darkness
Surrounded by my own
Wintered thoughts
I can see the pleas
Float away from my lips
Beyond the stars…
The stars
That have already been claimed
By an optimist’s wish
They’ve all been taken
And so all I have
Is the infinite,
elusive, empty space
Where sorrow goes
 To eternally live...


  1. Every person who has ever been hurt by the loss of anyone, by death or by departure, will read and feel exactly what you are feeling. Where sorrow goes, I hope is deep inside to nudge now and then with thoughts and longings, but never to be allowed to take over. It will live quietly most often. As usual, I really love this. And you. ♥

  2. Sorrow rents space, but it's a transient. It moves on in time, nudged out by love and life and remembering that even the most painful loss can only be a temporary separation.


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