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Saturday, January 5, 2013

January Rain

January Rain
You were just as pretty
As the first fallen snow
You found the perfect spot
caressing the moonlight
against my parlor room window
And now, in the heart of my shadowed thoughts
 You still, and will always glow
Some will only think of you in summer
But in the freezing nights and short-lived days
I still wait for your sound, you know
And although there’s a blanket
Comforting the ground
The white silence doesn't soothe me
There was life with you around.

I wrote this poem this afternoon, while listening to this video.

Dedicated to my sister Amanda  1-30-81 - 8-17-12
she's showering heaven with her vivacious spirit


  1. A long time ago, in another lifetime, I guess, someone told me that the rain falling in the night hours was all the angels sending soft kisses to earth and the storms were those same angels reminding those left behind of the power of their love.

    1. I'd like to believe that to be true. The truth can sometimes be that beautiful, so why not?


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