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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Lose love
Replace the loss
With trouble that will leave you sick
Fill the void with pain

Lose an angel to heaven
And replace the loss
With several layers of hell
Fill the void with anger

Lose the central piece
Of your puzzling life
Throw the leftover pieces in the trash
Clear away more room for the emptiness

Lose what you've spent your life saving
And replace the loss with destruction
Crush the rubble,
so you’ll have meteors to throw in space

Lose all the passion you've won
And never play for first place again
Fill the void with the silence
Of an empty stadium

Or stop walking in circles
Listen to the hearts
 trying to help you beat away the sorrow
And realize that love doesn't get lost

It moves, it grows, it changes,
but it always knows its way
Most importantly, it waits for you
Until you remember yours

So stop losing time


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